Best Electric Kettle Under 1000 In India 2022

If you searching for the best electric kettle under 1000, then you come to the right place. Today I will tell you about the 7 best kettle according to the present time, which will be available for under 1000 rupees.

In today’s time, kettle is being used a lot, due to which many products of different companies have come into the market.

After the coming of so many electric kettle in the market, many people get confused and they do not understand which company’s kettle is good and which company’s kettle should be bought.

That’s why today I have written this article to clear this confusion and to tell you about kettle in detail so that you can understand which kettle you should buy.

Before buying a kettle you should check the Body Material, Boiling Speed, Automatic Shut Off, etc. Because all these things are very important for a kettle.

If you do not have information related to a kettle and you want to know everything about it, then you should read this article so that you can know all the things about its kettle.

After reading this article, you will be able to understand which is the best kettle for you and you will be able to decide which kettle should buy.

Product Name

Product Image



Prestige PKOSS Electric Kettle

Philips HD9306/06 Electric Kettle

Butterfly EKN Water Kettle

Kitchoff WDF-151 Water Kettle

Pigeon By stovekraft Electric Kettle

Prestige PKGS Electric Kettle

Bajaj Majesty KTX 15 Kettle

Buyer Guide On Best Electric Kettle Under 1000

1. Size or Capacity

Size and Capacity Basically how many liters of water a kettle can store at a time. The ideal range of electric kettle capacity is 1.5-litres which will be enough for most medium-sized families.

2. Boiling Speed

Before buying an electric kettle, you must check its boiling speed once. That’s why you buy a kettle of any brand which boils water well in a very short time.

3. Easy to clean and store

The product should be very convenient to clean with uniform performance. When buying a kettle, you should make sure that it is easy to clean.

4. Body Material

To buy any product, it is very important to have good body material. The best body material for an electric kettle is stainless steel.

5. Noise

I suggest that before buying the best electric kettle, make sure that it does not generate much noise.

6. Automatic Shut Off

As a safety measure, the electric kettle must have an auto power-off feature in case of boiling water and overheating. Without this feature, there is a possibility of fire and explosion.

7. Safety Features

Because it is electric equipment that generates heat, several onboard safety precautions are required to prevent any unwanted accidents.

1. Prestige PKOSS Electric Kettle

Best Electric Kettle Under 1000

Prestige PKOSS kettle comes with a Capacity of 1.5 liters. The kettle body is made up of stainless steel and With durable and elegant handles.

The elegant design includes a single-touch lid-locking feature that secures the device. This appliance would undoubtedly improve the appearance of your kitchen.

This Prestige kettle comes with a durable and elegant handle, which is always cool even when the water is boiling. Using the help of a 360 swivel base, you can set the position of the kettle at your comfort.

The self-boiling feature automatically turns off when the water is boiling, but these features only apply to water boiling. When the device is switched on, the power indicator illuminates the device.

Specification –

Item Dimensions19 x 19 x 24 Cm
MaterialStainless Steel
Capacity1.5 Litre
Wattage1500 Watts
Item Weight870 gm
  • Strong Build quality
  • Easy to Operate
  • Good Product For Students
  • Difficult to clean
  • Cord length is very short
  • No actual temperature control

2. Philips HD9306/06 Electric Kettle

Best Electric Kettle Under 1000

Philips is a very valuable and reliable brand for making electric gadgets and home appliance products. This Philips HD9306 / 06 1.5-Lite Electric Kettle is one of the best home appliances among them.

because it is beautifully designed and heats the water quickly. The wide opening at the top of the kettle makes it easy to pour water and cleans the kettle very easily.

The hidden heating factor prevents the forming of scale. The automatic cut-off feature prevents damages like heating issues, shocks, etc., and overheating prevention.

For fast processing, it also has a steam sensor, dry boiling, and overheating protection. It’s easy to manage to the 360° cordless pirouette base.

This Philips kettle comes under 2 years warranty from the purchased date.

Overall Philips HD9306/06 Electric Kettle is the best electric kettle in the market with all the features, excellent service, quicker heating, and low-cost price.

Specification –

Item Dimensions21.6 x 16.2 x 22.1 Cm
Material Stainless Steel
Capacity1.5 Litre
Wattage1800 Watts
Item Weight900 gm
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to clean
  • Good build quality
  • Good durability
  • Chord is very short

3. Butterfly EKN Water Kettle

Best Electric Kettle Under 1000

Butterfly EKN kettle comes with Superior quality Stainless Steel body material. This kettle comes With a capacity of 1.5 liters of water.

With the help of this kettle, 1.5 liters of water is boiled in approx 1 minute, which makes the boiling of water very fast in comparison to all other kettles.

You can plug it in any direction with the 360 Degree Swivel Power Base. For ease of use and portability, the kettle is detachable from its power base.

When the temperature inside reaches the maximum levels, the automatic cut-off mechanism turns off the switch. After being switched off, it switches to keep warm mode, which helps to keep the water hot.

The handle of Butterfly EKN kettle is strong and easy to use and also design in a way that gives a strong grip. The plastic lid is simple to open and close, and it fits snugly to avoid leakage.

The durable handle is also made of plastic, but it always cools to the touch even though the kettle is filled with boiling water. The butterfly electric kettle has a power indicator that glows when you turn it on and is dark when you turn it off.

Specification –

Item Dimensions19.5 x 15.2 x 21 Cm
Material Stainless Steel
Capacity 1.5 Litre
Wattage1500 Watts
Item Weight940 gm
  • Very easy to use
  • Easy to clean
  • Good build quality
  • Automatic cutoff
  • The cord length is small

4. Kitchoff WDF-151 Water Kettle

Best Electric Kettle Under 1000

The Kitchoff WDF-151electric kettle comes with a capacity of 1.5 liters and the material is made up of stainless steel.

This kettle’s interior and body are entirely made of food-grade stainless steel, with no plastic in contact with your water.

Stainless steel kettles are the perfect choice for boiling water because they are extremely lasting, rust-free, and simple to clean.

Super Fast Water Boiling which makes the boiling more efficient than stove-top and microwave. In Kitchoff’s electric kettle (1.5L) water boils fully in 5-6 minutes and can be used for tea, coffee, Maggi, oatmeal, instant soup, etc.

An ergonomic and elegant handle made of BPA-free ABS material that is heat-resistant and anti-slip. Even when the water is boiling, the handle of the kettle cools, which you can easily touch and use it.

Like all kettles, it also has an automatic cut-off feature that automatically turns off after boiling water. This feature protects your device from damage, makes it safer as well as improves its lifespan, and also prevents the excess supply of electricity.

Specification –

Item Dimensions19 x 15 x 19 Cm
Material Stainless Steel
Capacity 1.5 Litre
Wattage600 Watts
Item Weight1 kg 100 gm
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to clean
  • Auto-cut feature
  • Very good temperature control system
  • Build quality is average
  • Cord length is slightly less

5. Pigeon By stovekraft Electric Kettle

Best Electric Kettle Under 1000

Pigeon brand makes many products, and it is the best electric kettle among them by Stovekraft. This pigeon brand kettle comes with a 1.5-liter capacity and is made up of Plastic & stainless steel materials.

It has a sleek design and a hygienic stainless steel body that keeps the water hot for an extended period of time. The kettle has a classical mirror-polished appearance, making your electric kettle unique and aesthetic.

The kettle can be lifted from the swivel base for hassle-free and wire-free usage. And you can beautiful serving without the hassle of a power cord.

This cordless and BPA-free electric pigeon kettle makes a perfect appearance in every kitchen or buffet while cooking and serving meals.

This 1500W electric kettle can boil 1.5 liters of water fast and safely in 5 to 6 minutes. The high-quality plastic handle is not hot during boiling of water so that, you can easily press the ON/OFF button during boiling water.

You can clean this kettle very easily by using white vinegar, baking soda, water, cleaning bottle brush.

Specification –

Item Dimensions20 x 18 x 17.5 Cm
Material Stainless Steel, Plastic
Capacity 1.5 Litre
Wattage1500 Watts
Item Weight656 gm
  • Easy to use
  • Temperature control is good
  • Used for multipurpose
  • Build quality is not good
  • Not easy to clean
  • Cord length is too short

6. Prestige PKGSS Electric Kettle

Best Electric Kettle Under 1000

Prestige Electric Kettle PKGSS comes with concealed elements and a detachable power base. This prestige kettle comes of 1.7 liters which Body material is stainless steel and the handle is made up of good quality plastic.

The Handel of this kettle is durable and sturdy, the kettle is designed to be easy to use and safe to hold and raise. Prestige PKGSS kettle gets you a unique elegant glass lid that allows you to see through the entire process.

The concealed element makes it simple to clean so you can quickly rotate your hands through the kettle. It also helps in the prevention of corrosion.

You can plug it in any direction with the desired jug handle location to the 360-degree Swivel Power Base. Only when the kettle is put on the contact point will it obtain electricity.

For ease of use and portability, the kettle is detachable from its power base. When the temperature inside reaches the necessary thresholds, the automatic cut-off feature turns off the power supply.

It protects the appliance from damage, ensures its safety, and extends its lifetime. In this kettle, you have a lower side indicator that induces the bulb on and off.

Specification –

Item Dimensions21 x 21 x 25 Cm
Material Stainless Steel
Capacity 1.7 Litre
Wattage1500 Watts
Item Weight994 gm
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to clean
  • Auto-cut feature
  • Cord length is short
  • Quality of material is not good
  • No temperature control

7. Bajaj Majesty KTX 15 Kettle

Best Electric Kettle Under 1000

Bajaj is one of the most trusted and old companies making different-different products and appliances. This Bajaj Majesty KTX 15 comes with a 1.7-Litre capacity and 1500W power.

The Bajaj Majesty KTX 15 electric kettle is made up of a stainless-steel body that makes it look trendy and stylish while lasting really long.

The ergonomically designed handle gives it a better grip for protection, even when heated. The powerful sibilant sound is avoided by a kettle boiling drought, rendering this dry boil healthy.

It’s perfect for long-term safe operation because it has a 360-degree connector and a detachable plastic frame. A single-touch locking mechanism comes with a highly durable and spill-proof lid.

You can also use the Bajaj Majesty KTX electric kettle (after charging) without wires due to the cordless device. With the presence of a neon indicator, you will know that the kettle is on or off.

For safety and to prevent damage, the Bajaj Majesty KTX 15 kettle switches off automatically after the water is heated at the desired level.

Specification –

Item Dimensions22.2 x 19.4 x 19 Cm
Material Stainless Steel
Capacity 1.7 Litre
Wattage1500 Watts
Item Weight920 gm
  • Build quality is very good
  • Easy to use
  • Auto cut off system
  • Difficult to clean

Conclusion On Best Electric Kettle Under 1000

In today’s article, we have discussed the best electric kettle under 1000 and also discussed many more things related to kettle such as Buyer’s Guide, Specifications, Pros and Cons, Reviews, etc.

You can go for any of the electric kettle mentioned above because all these bands are the best kettle in the market. If you buy any of these kettles then you will get to see a great experience.

I hope your confusion and doubts related to the kettle are cleared and you must have understood all the information related to the kettle well.

If you want to ask any questions related to the kettle, then you can ask by commenting below.

If you found this article and product list helpful, do share it with others.

FAQs : Best Electric Kettle Under 1000

1. Which is the best electric kettle under 1000 in India?

You can go for any of the above-mentioned electric kettle as all these kettle are the best at an affordable price. But you can go to Prestige for the best experience.

2. Is electric kettle harmful?

No, it is completely safe.

3. Can I boil milk in an electric kettle?

It is not recommended to boil milk in the electric kettle.

4. Can electric kettle be washed?

If you get an electric kettle with a hidden heating element, you can wash it as easily.

5. How long does an electric kettle last?

The average life of an electric kettle will last 2 years without any problems. If you can handle the kettle with care and proper cleaning it can last for many more years.

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